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Monday, June 16, 2014

~ Sani Express Sdn. Bhd. | Complaint to Sani Express Sdn. Bhd. Attention to Dato' Sani ~

Hi Sani,

First of all, sorry to have to write here. I try to search on your Website any email details for me to throw my complaints in a right way. For example, your customer service officer's email.  Unfortunately, you didn't provide me any.  So, here I am.

Dear Sani,

I had a bad experience last night with you. My m14 (KB TO KL) was scheduled at 9.30 pm. However, at 11 pm the bus was FINALLY ARRIVED.. Do you count the hours we have waited for you? We arrived there as early as we can as you were asking us to come 15 min before boarding. So, the average time passengers come was around 9.05 pm.

Yet, I make calls to your 019-2685050, no answer. Then, called 03-40457777. She did answer my call and ask me to call 03-40400398 next she  ask me to call 019-2685050 again. I told her, I have called that number but no answer.

I make my own decision to send SMS instead of call. After I send the SMS, then I call.  Finally, you answer my call. However, he gives me 019-2790057. I called the number, he said bus having a small problem and will be arriving at 10.30 pm. You know at what time the bus arrived? 11 pm!

Dear Sani,

If we late you didn't wait
If you late what did you do?

Dear Sani,

You should have your regular check up with your buses, give full maintenance that they need, prepare back up bus in case of emergency (eg. like this situation)

Dear Sani,

This is not your first time. I heard many complaints from other passengers. I think you should do something. Take proactive actions, please.....

Dear Sani,

Please count my complaint as the total of M14's passenger last night (if 40, make it 40 complaints)

Dear Sani,

You should provide your customer, details to contact your personnel. So, we can personally contact you. So, we didn't have to contact you through your media, social such as FB.

Dear Sani,

I thank to the drivers, they did apologize to us after the bus arrived. I didn't blame them. I thank them, finally we got " minta maaf semua "

Your customer

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